Stikine River Boats



 This is a project that I started several years ago but have never completed. None of the data has been verified so nothing stated here should be considered factual as yet.  There is some conflicting information from various sources; some of it conflicts with what has been located in newspapers.  Newspaper information and U.S. Customs Records have been the primary source of information in most cases.

I would welcome information, photos, etc. on any of the vessels listed below. They are listed alphabetically. Dates that they were on the river and if there were more than one vessel with the same name is listed in parenthesis.

The list provided below may not be a complete list. It is based on research of newspapers and custom records as well as other documentation.

Information about each vessel will be added over the coming months.  The articles will be linked to each name as a PDF file. Basic information only will be provided. If you are interested in additional details or have information and/or photos to share, please contact me at [email protected]

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