Wrangell Garnet Ledge History

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I have an entire website devoted to the Wrangell Garnet Ledge History. You will find much more history in the book that I wrote. I like to have information out there about the people who were involved in hopes of finding more information about the people who were involved with the women’s company. Even though the book has been published, I am more than happy to update it if I have new information.


Anna E. Rose, President — Corunna, Michigan
Minnie Towler, Vice-president — Minneapolis, Minnesota
Anna E. Durkee, Secretary/Manager — Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jean Anderson, Treasurer — Minneapolis, Minnesota

Original Stockholders:

Letitia M. Crafts — Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mary T, Elmer — St. Paul, Minnesota
Pearl Hewitt — White Bear, Minnesota
Pearl A. Gunders — St. Paul, Minnesota
Rebecca Bausman — Minneapolis, Minnesota
Maria A. Crane — Minneapolis, Minnesota

In all…there were at least 28 women involved during the operation of the company. Check out the Wrangell Garnet Ledge website for more names.

Colorized photo  was done by Roxy Gess-Smith.

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