Wrangell Garnet Ledge Connections

The people listed below were connected to the area of the Wrangell Garnet Ledge either as a claimant or connected to the Alaska Garnet Mining & Manufacturing Co.

In addition, I have added people connected to mining in Arizona where Anna E. Durkee and Mary T. Elmer were involved in a mining operation of the Dardanelles Mining Co. which reorganized as the Dardanelles Amalgamated Mines, Inc.

If you have information, photographs, etc. of anyone listed here and would be willing to share it, please contact me.



Agnes Peterson

Witness on Corporation Papers.

Wm. T. Coe

Witness on Corporation Papers – Attorney born in Iowa.  Lived in Minneapolis, MN.

Alexander Vreatt

Sold Garnet Ledge to Women; acted as agent. Lived in Wrangell but was Canadian by birth.

William Taylor

Sold Garnet Ledge to Women. Lived in Wrangell…came from back East.

E.E. Griswell or Griswold

Advertising man…take charge of publicity; later noted as assistant manager.

Peter C. McCormack

Sold them 38 sq feet and building on Front Street, opposite Inman Boat house building, which he had purchased from F. Collins.  Wrangell businessman.

Robert .J. Frizell

Charge of work at the ledge for AGM&M 1921 when leased to Western Abrasive Paper Co.; had son with him.

Julia E.Elmer Duff

Sister of Mary T. Elmer

Belle Hazen

Spent summer working for women at Wrangell in office and selling garnets.

Mrs. R.D. Currier

Friend of Mrs. Belle Hazen

Mrs. Jennie Sanders

Sister of Belle Hazen

Agnes K. Seamans

Involved in mining claim with Anna near Wrangell. Possibly in Real Estate in Michigan.

George D. Emery

Attorney in Seattle, and witness on mining claim

Rev. J.S. Clark

Acted as their agent & had claim with Anna. Presbyterian Minister in Wrangell.

Frank Spaulding

Agent for mine in 1913; trapper up Stikine

Charles Nelson

Agent for mine in 1923

Wm. Burgart

Agent for mine in 1914

John Hagstrom

Worked ledge 1909

Mr. And Mrs Maynard Hart

Worked at ledge and were caretakers in 1915; had two children with them

Miss Margaret Wilkison

Teacher for Hart children winter of 1915

Captain W.E. Parrott

Farmed on Sergief Island; may have helped out at the mine.

Tom and Annie Tamaree

Caretakers at ledge 1916-1919. Annie Tamaree filed lien against corporation for wages not paid after Tom’s death.

C.C. Lightfoot

Witnessed Brown Claim, Garnet #2 Claim, 1911

E.B. Nichols

Corser Investment Co. – held collateral for Agnes Seamans/Anna Durkee agreement for claim. Firm in Minneapolis, MN

Benjamin Hunter

Did work on Ruby Claim in 1910

A.S. ?????????

Did work on Ruby Claim in 1910 – last name not legible

Wm. Burgar

Signed as agent in 1914

Arthur Waterbury

Employed by AGM&M in 1916

J.L. Near

Agent on Notice of Appropriation of water in 1923

Kate Irene Schultz

Owner of 100 shares of stock signed by Lettie and Anna on March 1, 1913

Mrs. “Napoleon” Sprague
Cleora D. Sprague

She was a cook at the mine for AGM&M in 1915 and also the camp guard. She was also involved in mining in Arizona with Anna and Mary.

Dr. Thomas H. Morgan and James H. Cullen

Involved in court case with Anna Durkee and Mary Elmer in California in 1913.

Peter C. McCormick

Purchased property from McCormick in 1913.  This was a lot for their covered building on Front Street next to the Inman Boat building.